Tutor Profile - Jessica Y.

Lives in San Diego , CA (can travel up to 10 miles)

Tutors Online via Zoom

Bio: I am a 2018 graduate at University of California, San Diego with a B.S. in Human Biology and minor in Psychology. I love helping people realize their potential to learn and teaching them the knowledge that will lead them toward success. I have experiences as an instructional assistant and tutor for undergraduate biology courses and want to continue supporting students to thrive in their own learning styles and gain confidence in their abilities. I believe that learning is not limited to a classroom setting and that seeking help to improve your understanding is the best decision you can make for yourself. I want to motivate students to pursue their goals and view challenges as opportunities to become stronger and sharpen the mind.

Subjects: AP Biology, Basic Biology, Cellular Biology, Evolution, General Biology I, General Biology II, High School Biology

Experience at High Performance Tutoring: Jessica is new to High Performance Tutoring but has lots of prior tutoring experience. Jessica was hired because she demonstrated a high level of subject expertise, is great at explaining things clearly, and has a delightful personality.


The green shade represents times in which Jessica is available. The pink shade represents times in which Jessica is on vacation. So any times shaded in green that are not overlapped by a vacation are times that Jessica is available to meet with you. Call us today at (619) 313 - 4861 or fill out our Registration Form at the top of this page to book your first session Risk-Free!

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